Sunday, 28 July 2019

How to Hack WiFi Password? Here is a very easy way to hack WiFi password!

We cannot use the WiFi around us without knowing the password, but we can identify the password using the WiFi Password Hacking App...

Everyone is dependent on the Internet today, but it is often because we run out of internet data and need a lot of internet at that time, so we can use WiFi around us, but there are problems when we don't know the password for that WiFi. But now you don't have to worry, today I'm explaining how to hack wifi.

Nowadays, a WiFi connection is available everywhere, railway station, college, bank or hotel are available everywhere. It often happens that we receive a WiFi signal, but we do not know the password which is why we cannot use that WiFi, but we can detect using the WiFi password hacking app. So let's now learn how to hack WiFi, which allows you to access the Internet on your mobile.

How to hack wifi password? 

Next, I tell you how to hack wifi. You can hack wifi the way you like.

Step 1: Download App

First, you have to download WiFi WPS Wpa Tester on your mobile, this is a great application to hack WiFi.

Step 2: Open the App

Now open this app on wifi hack and open it and click the refresh button.

Step 3: Select WiFi Signal

After clicking the refresh button, there will be a list of WiFi signals. Now many will show the green wifi signal, select one of the signals.

Step 4: Click Connect Automatic Pin

After selecting the WiFi signal, click on the connected Automatic PIN.

Step 5: Select Option

After that you will get 2 options Root / No root If your phone is root then click root and if no phone root then clicks No root.

After that, your phone will start connecting to WiFi. With this WiFi Hack App, you can easily hack WPS WPA WiFi connection passwords. This is how you can know if you do not know the WiFi password.

How to hack wifi, Without Root/WiFi Hacker App

If you want to hack wifi via app then you need to download wifi hacking apps.

Nmap - This WiFi hacking app is very popular which can be used for both root phones and non-rooted phones.

WiFi Hack Kali Linux – This is one of the best WiFi hacking application, It is very easy to hack wifi password using this app.

How to hack wifi from the Laptop/PC?xxx

The simplest way to hack wifi from a laptop is being explained to you further. So let's know how to hack wifi via laptop?

Kismet - This is the best software for the hack wifi password. The password for the hidden network can be easily identified by it.

Airsnort - This software can hack passwords of 32.2b web networks. It is absolutely free software that is also very easy to use.

NetsTumbler - This is the best software to hack the Wap connection. By this, the password of Poor Network can be known.

Aircrack - This software supports Open BSD, OS X, NetBSD, Linux and Supportive alongside Windows.


Friends, you will now be able to use WiFi around you when you need to run the Internet. If your phone is not root, you can use any method without rooting and you can run WiFi by downloading the WiFi Hacking app. If you like this post how to hack wifi, then please like and share this post.

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