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7 Ways to Make Money from Blogging - Blogging Earning Tips

A blogger can't make a lot of money even if he has good traffic on his blog, so here you can find the best ways to make money from blogging...

The new blogger doesn't know much about making money from blogging, so even though his blog has good traffic, he doesn't make much money. So today I will tell you about the ways to earn money from blogging which I have tried, and in the ways, I earn money from my blog. Best ways to earn money from your Blog.

When I started blogging, I did not know about more ways to earn money from blogging. But after learning about blogging I gradually learned how we can make more money through blogging.
Today I know about many great ways to make money from blogging. Now, I get enough money from blogging.

You can make money too, you just have to choose the ways from which you can make more money, these are the ways.

7 Ways To Make Money From Blogging

There are 100+ ways to make money from blogging, but here I will just talk about ways that help you make more money.

If you haven't created a blog yet then, first you have to create a blog.

1. Sponsored Content

Content writing is a true way of trying to earn more money than blogging for all types of brands.

For example, this website is charged up to $ 100 for sponsored posts. That means if you get 10 sponsored posts in 1 month, you can earn $ 100 by writing just 10 posts.

However, it is difficult to find sponsored blog content every month. Yes, if your website is popular and has millions of traffic then you will get many offers.

What is sponsored content? When a company pays you to write a post about its product, service, or brand, it is called sponsored content.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The highest revenue from a blogger's blog is due to Affiliate Marketing. This is the method that is most commonly used to earn money from blogging.

There are many companies that pay a certain payment/commission to write promotional articles about their product, service, or brand.

For example, if a company sells its product for $ 99, it offers bloggers 10%, 20%, or 30% commission for promotion.

You can start promoting their products and making money by joining company affiliate programs related to the topic of your blog.

Also, there are companies that not only provide commissions for one-time promotions, but also each time a commission payment is made.

For example, you use the Seamrush affiliate program, and the user wants to buy the Seamrush $ 99 plan through your referral link.

So you get a 40% commission. Not just once, every time a customer renews a plan, you get a commission.

3. Advertisement

You must have heard about Google AdSense. It's one of the most popular and best ways in the world to earn by advertising.

For those who do not have much idea about affiliate marketing, most bloggers make money from blogging with the help of Pay Per Click (Google Ads,

Ad placement is the best way to earn consistently from blogging. First of all, you do not need to find blog content related product.

Google itself displays related ads on your blog from your blog content and you earn when a user clicks on it.

However, revenue starts at $ 0.05/one click. But if you do not get paid posts or your products, this is good.

A large part of my blogging income comes from advertising.

Advertising is still a great way to make more money from your blog, you just need to know the ad placement.

4. E-book Selling

Selling your own e-book on your blog is a great way to make money. How much money you make this way depends on your blog brand.

The more popular your blog and the higher your content demand, you can put your e-book prices accordingly.

Suppose you put $ 29 in your e-book price and you sell 15-20 per month, you can thus earn $ 500 + per month.

If I talk about myself, I haven't sold an e-book yet, but I have full faith and experience that this is the best way to make extra money on my own blog.

If you like this method, now you need to know how to create an interesting eBook, what kind of pictures and content to use in the ebook?

A great way to make money separately from blogging. You must try it once.

5. Selling Online Courses

If you cannot build your own e-book, you can sell other online course books on your blog.

In many stores, such as the, you will find multiple courses. You can choose online courses according to your blog niche and sell them on your blog.

It's just like Affiliate marketing when someone buys an online course through your referral link, you get some commission from it.

Your blog should have a sticky sales product on the empty sidebar.

6. Selling Own Service

You can be a blogger as well as a web developer, designer, expert, or any other talent you have. You can also make that talent your way of earning from blogging.
For example, in addition to being a blogger, I am a small web developer, designer, blogging expert, and I accept money for these services.

1. You can charge per hour.
2. Can Design or Developing.
3. You can optimize the client's site.
4. You can help a new blogger.
5. The company website can do SEO

6. If you have any additional expertise, you can submit it to your blog for service.

However, there is a major problem with this approach, as you have to talk to the beginning to discuss with your service and give it a separate time.

Yes, if you can take a few hours out of your daily work every day, then, of course, you should do this, as your income will be the branding of your blog.

7. Freelancing

Freelancing is not for everyone. But if you need instant money, you can work as a freelancer for another blogger.

Many bloggers who do not start their blogs, make money by writing content for other big bloggers. There are many employees and websites that offer up to $ 300 for writing quality content.

It has two great benefits. First, you have no tension with the blog and secondly, you will also get blogging experience.

As a freelancer, in addition to writing content, you can also earn money by helping other bloggers optimize, ad placement, design issues.

These are the methods of making money from blogging that are used most and which have the highest earnings.


If you are a skilled writer, this information is very important to you and you know what to do next. I think you should start using this method.

Hope you liked this information because if you want to make more money through blogging, this article will be helpful to you.
If you like this information how to make money from blogging, then definitely share it with your friends.
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