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Samsung Wireless Powerbank Review: If there is a wireless charging phone then it is better!


Samsung Wireless Power Bank comes with 10,000 mAh batteries, and it does not only charge fast to other devices but also charges itself fast...

If you look at the history of Samsung mobile over the years, the company has promoted the wireless charging very prominently. The company has introduced wireless charging in some mid-range phones in addition to almost all the flagship. Although currently, the usage of wireless charging is very low in India. But Samsung itself is doing a better job in this direction. Last year, the company introduced the wireless charger pad. This time Wireless Powerbank has been launched in India. The company has introduced the wireless battery pack of 10,000 mAh power, which is priced at Rs 3,699. I got this device for review and I checked how useful it is. Start the review with the design.


So far, we have seen the power bank with metal or plastic cover, but Samsung Wireless Powerbank is completely different. The case is of Mattel, but there is also a rubber pad. It's a wireless pad where you can charge your phone only by putting it on the power bank. The metal case is slightly different from the others. It's rugged. In such a situation, it does not slip through the palm. The corners are round and the width decreases. Others Powerbank is a bit thicker. But its length is as long as the smartphone.

Its length is 149.93 mm whereas the width is only 70.8 mm. Yes! Thickness is slightly higher, it is 15.09 mm thick but in a Powerbank you cannot even expect it less. If you keep the power bank in palm, then it will not be too uncomfortable. Apart from this, it is also easy to keep side pockets or elsewhere in the bag. The best thing to say is that despite 10,000 mAh, it does not seem heavy. Its weight is only 234 grams. It is quite light and stylish. In such a case it can be said that it is best in design and quality.


Samsung Wireless Powerbank of 10,000 MAH supports fast charging. This is the most important feature of this device. This power bank not only charges fast to other devices but also charges itself fast. There is 5-volt support with normal charging, while with fast charging it supports up to 9 volts and 12 volts. Similarly, if you charge from this Powerbank to another device then Normal phone will get output up to 5 volts, whereas if the device has fast charging support, then the maximum output of 12 volts will get.

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Connectivity option

Samsung Wireless Battery Pack has USB Type-C support for input. At the same time, the device will get a USB slot for charging. There can be a slight decrease here. In the power bank of 10,000 MAH, we can expect at least two ports. Although there is NFC support in it, one can charge a device by cable and the other on the wireless pad. Despite having two slots, it would have been much better. Because most phones do not have wireless charging support.


No matter how great is the specification and design, if the performance is not great then you will not want to take it. But this Powerbank will not disappoint you even in performance. If it is fully charged then the phone with 4,000 mAh battery can fully charge twice. Apart from this, you can charge a few small appliances. If your phone with a 4,000 mAh battery supports fast charging, then it will charge it in less than two hours. Yes! There is a need for the full charge for this. Because as the power decreases, the charging time increases evenly.

If this device was charging then the wireless charger pack was charged with the charger of the Galaxy S10 and took a little more than 3 hours to complete the charge while it was a fast charger. If the charging time was a little lower then it would have been much better. But the best thing I found was that it was also charging fast charging in wireless charging, and during charging, connectivity is quite good. Keeping the phone above it becomes active. At the same time charging the wireless charger can charge you the other phone. This feature will affect you very much. If you are going somewhere then both devices can charge simultaneously. Apart from this, there is another speciality where the other wireless charger does not work on the cover. At the same time, we charged the phone with the Samsung cover and it was working better. Remember that the cover did not have NFC support. There was a simple plastic cover that comes with Samsung phones.


In the Indian market, the Samsung Wireless Charger Pack Power Bank is priced at Rs 3,699. It is available in two colours: Pink and Silver. Both colours are quite good and stylish too. But the question is whether to buy or not. If you have a phone that has wireless charging support, then it's great. If there is no wireless charging support then there is no point in taking it. Because, at the half price, 10,000 MAH power bank comes with fast charging. If Samsung has a high-end device such as the Galaxy S9 series, Galaxy S10 series or the Note series, then Samsung Wireless Charger Pack is the best accessories for them.

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