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What is a Web Browser and how does it work?

A web browser is a door that takes us into the Internet world, where we can view various web pages and get various type of knowledge...

All Internet users use the internet browser, through this we get knowledge by searching anything. We can use the web browser anywhere and anytime on our smartphone, laptop, computer. This is a software application! Whose invention was with the internet. With the word of the web browser we can learn about them, the web means "internet" and "browser" means find, the whole meaning of this word is found out about any subject in the internet world. People in any corner of the world can discover the knowledge of everything, so the web browser has been created.

Everyone knows what the web browser is, but how does this work? Do you know the answer? If we search for anything on the browser, it immediately shows the answers on the screen. After all, how web browser does such a great job in such a short time. Today I will tell you how the web browser does this job.

What is a web browser? Definition of Web Browser

A web browser is application software that is installed in a device and when the device connects to the Internet, then this web browser starts working. Internet and web browsers are connected, without the internet, we can't use web browsers and without web browsers, the internet is not any kind of work. In the world of Internet, web browser acts as a door for us that takes us to the world of the internet. With the help of the web browser, we can see the web pages, files and other content such as videos, images and text on the internet. We just have to enter the URL of the webpage on the address bar of the browser, from where we have to get the information, then the browser shows that web page on our screen.

Web browser transmits us into the world of World Wide Web, where all the contents are in binary language, which called HTML. Web browser translates this binary language so that Internet users can easily read contents. Some web browsers can only translate text and some browsers also support graphics and animation and translate them.

History of Web Browser

Browsers are present in computers since the invention of the internet. The first browser was named 'WorldWideWeb', which was created by Tim Berners-Lee in the 1990s. After that gradually many browsers were created, which included features such as bookmarking, history, audio-video support etc. In today's day, a competition between many browsers has started, which is the best browser which wants to increase their presence in the whole world. In the 1990s, Internet Explorer was the most popular web browser, which completely surrendered its anti 'Netscape' web browser.

In the new century some newer browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc. All these browsers have small differences but all of them have to do internet surfing. You can also use more than one browser on your computer and mobile.

How does Web Browser work?

World Wide Web is a system of internet servers that supports formatted documents. Using the web browser, we can access the World Wide Web easily. With the help of web browsers, we can see many web pages that are made of web protocol. Protocol means the rules, there are so many rules in any language that we have to follow when speaking and writing this language, otherwise people will not understand what we want them to say. In the same way, the web browser also needs a language to understand our point. There are also some rules of the language that we call the HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol). HTTP tells web servers how to format and transmit the contents of the web page and what to do with web servers and web browsers to respond to the commands given by users.

With the help of Http, web clients and web servers are allowed to connect. When a user enters a web address on the address bar of the browser, then the browser sends his request as HTTP command to the webserver. After that, the browser connects with that web server, and from there it finds the requested web page and shows it in the user's browser. Any web servers on the Internet that keep web sites and web pages, all servers support HTTP protocol. Only then can browsers connect with them and give all the information easily to the users.

These were some information related to the web browser and how does it work. Hopefully, after getting all this information, you have liked this article.
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