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What is Net Banking?

The net banking facility offered by the Bank, through this facility people can easily access their bank account anywhere and any time with the help of the internet...

If you have opened a new account in the bank, then you would want to know what is net banking? Since the invention of the internet, it has proved to be very helpful in solving the hard works of people. The internet has become a part of everyone's life,  none of our work is complete without it. Whether it is to get information through the internet, or to shop, or to stay connected to our friends and relatives, we get help from the internet in all the work. In the same way, we can now get the convenience of banking with the help of the internet on our mobile or computers. Banking through the internet is called net banking. Today I will tell you what is this net banking and some information related to it. So let's know what is net banking.

What is Net Banking?

The net banking facility offered by the bank, through this facility people can easily access their bank account anywhere and any time with the help of the internet. Net banking proves to be very helpful for all those people who are unable to go to the bank due to their busy work, or those who are troubled because of the long line of people in the bank and do not like to go bank. If necessary and the bank is far more than your area, then with the help of mobile or computer, you can accomplish your urgent work very fast, in all these cases net banking is very helpful. Net banking is known by many names like online banking, web banking, virtual banking, E-banking. Though the name may differ, all these banking systems are the same that facilitate banking access to people through the internet.

What are the benefits of Net Banking? Net Banking Information

1) With Net banking, you get all the facilities that we have to get by going to the bank itself, as you go online without having to go bank, can apply online for many things like passbook, credit card, chequebook.

2) Net banking facilitates online checking of our bank account balance. We can also look at the last transaction reports made in our account, which generally do not give us the bank.

3) With the help of net banking, we can pay for online shopping, and by filling any government form, we can do online payment. Mobile recharge, DTH recharge, Electric bill can also pay.

4) Through Net banking, we can also make a money transfer to our friends and relatives, so that we can easily help them.

5) With the help of net banking, we can open a wide variety of accounts like FD (fixed deposit), RD (recurring deposit) etc. The best part is that to deposit money in such accounts, we do not even need to go bank, because net banking gives us auto cut payment facility. Through this facility, the balance automatically deducts from our account and deposited in these accounts.

How to use Net Banking?

Here we have learned that net banking gives us what the facilities (Net Banking Information) and knowing such facilities, you may also want to know, how to use it, so let's also know.

1) First of all, you have to go to the bank branch in which you have a bank account. If you do not have any bank account and want to use net banking then first create your account in the bank. There you will need to submit a form to get net banking activated in your mobile or computer.

2) Once you submit the form, you will get the user-id and password from the bank. You will have to use that user-id and password while you log in to your bank's website.

3) Once you have logged in, by step by step, you will have to fill in all the details that you will be asked in that site. When filling the details, fill in the correct details by paying attention, you may have to face many problems when filling incorrect details.

4) After completing all the details, net banking will activate in your mobile or computer and you will be able to take full advantage of its facilities.

 Things to keep in mind while doing net banking

1) Never use net banking in public places such as cyber cafe; it has the possibilities of having your details leak.
2) Keep changing your password so that you do not have to worry about hacking your account, and never place your password on your date of birth, name, and city name. Rather keep a unique password that will keep your account completely safe.
3) Always use net banking alone, and do not share my password with any other person.
4) One thing to note is that in the device you are net banking, in this device, install good anti-virus, so that your account details cannot be hack due to virus or malware
5) If you have any problems while doing net banking or you are in any doubt, contact your bank's branch immediately.

What bank does Net Banking facility provide?

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