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How to apply for Driving License online?


How to apply for driving license online? How to make Driving License Online? What are LL and DL? Here you will get all of these questions answered...

If you drive a car, you must have a driving license, such as a car, bus, truck, etc. Even if you want to ride a motorcycle, you must have a valid driving license.

The driving license allows the driver to be permitted to drive, the driving license is also an identity card, the driving license is an official document issued by the Government of India.

Under the Motor Vehicle Act issued in 1988, no person can drive without a driving license, and if he is caught driving without a driving license, he may have to pay fine.

So let's know how to apply for driving license online, if you also have to apply for driving license, then read this article completely.

What is LL/DL?

LL is a Learning License and DL is a Driving License that allows you to drive a vehicle. Even though LL will be a learning license for the first few days, but it will work only what a DL does.

If you want to drive, then you must have a driving license. If you do not have Full Drivers License, then Learning License can give you relief for at least some time. Driving license is one of the important and Valid Identity Proof recognized by the Government of India.

Not only this, but a driving license for you is also proof that you have a driving permit to drive the vehicle that you have to drive across the country.

How much does it cost to apply for a driving license?

If you want to apply for driving license online, you can apply by visiting the Sarathi Website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of the Government of India or download the driving license forms.

As you might also know, Driving License Agent charges a new license from all the vehicle owners as 1000 to 2000 rupees Fees. Now those days are gone, you can apply online without any help from any brokers.

But do you know what are Drivers License Requirements? Do you know how to complete the driving test after filling the online registration form?

A fee of Rs 200 is levied for learning license and 400 to 500 rupees for the final Driving license. Do you know how many days you get a driving license?

Many such questions will be running in your mind regarding driving license online apply, which will be solved in this post.

To succeed in the driving test, on applying online, 10 very simple questions are asked, which you have to answer.

Required Documents for Driving Licence Online Apply

You can know from the points given below what are the necessary documents for making online Driver's License.

  1. LC / TC etc. for Age Proof of Date of Birth, etc.
  2. Fill this as a "Self The declaration" in Address Proof, (Download while filling the Online Application Form.)
  3. "Form1A" (By Govt.Doctor) in Medical Certificate. (Download while filling the online application form.)
Apart from this, other more documents can be asked in a critical situation, but normally, the same compulsory documents are used for driving license.

Sarathi portal (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India) has given the option of 30 states to get an online driving license, means that people from 30 states of India can apply online for driving license.

How to apply for Driving License online?

To create an online license first, you have to proceed as per the points are given below. Keep in mind if you do not have a driving license and you are applying Driving License Online for the first time, then apply for Provisional Driving License/Learning License first.

This learning license is also called LL in short. So let's know how to apply step by step Provisional License online?

1. First of all, visit the Sarathi website to apply for an online driving license and select your state.


2. Click on the online application in the lower left side and click on the new learner's license.


3. After clicking Continue, click on the checkbox of "Applicant does not hold Driving / Learner License" and proceed by clicking the Submit button.

As soon as you click on Submit, the Driving License Online Application Form will open in front of you. In which you have to fill the information of the points given below.

After filling the personal information of the applicant, now the address is to be filled.

  • State,
  • RTO Office,
  • Pin Code,
  • Applicant First Name, Middle Name, Last Name,
  • Relation (Father, Mother, Husband, Guardian),
  • Aadhar number (Full Name as per Records),
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth,
  • Country of Birth,
  • Qualification,
  • Mobile Number,
  • Temporary & Permanent Address,
  • Select Class of Vehicles Which License Apply

  • In this way, on filling the Online Driving License Information, click on the Submit button. After clicking on the submit button, a small pop window will show up in which it will be written, if you want to submit the form, then click on OK.

    On submitting the Online Application Form, it will look like the image given below, in which you get the new Online Driving License Application Number for Reference and a window will be displayed to upload the License Documents. Here click on next


    • In the next step, the applicant has to upload all the documents online.
    • The applicant has to uploads his Photo & Signature

    • Do LL Slot Booking.
    • Make online DL Online Fee Payment.
    Congratulations you have successfully applied online. Now with the above Driving License, Documents and Online Driving License Application, you have been present at the online Slot Booking Date and timely selected RTO Office for the driver's license practice test.
    After succeeding in driving test at RTO Office of your State/District, you can check your Driving License status on this website. Thus, with the help of this article, you must have known the answer to many questions that arise in your mind.

    Hope you don't have any problem in Driving License verification and soon get a driving license with License Number. Let's know again in short which steps you have to follow to apply for driving license online.

    Driving license process

    The above is explained in detail on how to create a DL from the transport service, But I think these steps are again explained in the shortcut as a correction for you.

    1. Visit Sarathi Website,
    2. Filled D.L. Online Application Form With Photo & Signature,
    3. Upload Required Documents,
    4. Book Appointment For Driving Test Exam (Slot Booking),
    5. D. L. Online Payment.
    There are many types of driving license such as two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheelers
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