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How to make Android Apps Free? Top 5 Free Android Apk Builder List


How to make android apps for free, how to make android apps free, how to make mobile apps for android free, here all of these questions answered.

Do you know how to make Android Apps? Do you know what is the benefit of making an Android app? If you are a blogger and you have your blog or WordPress website, then you must also be thinking about making Android Apps and many bloggers have already made their apps.

Do you know how much it costs to make mobile apps? Can Android Apps be made in Free? Can Free Android Apps Make Money? What are the advantages and disadvantages of creating a Free Mobile Application? Many such questions come to the mind of peoples before making Android Apps.

Best tools for making Android applications

Today, the craze of android apps has also increased due to increasing Smartphone Users worldwide. On the Google Play Store, you will find thousands of latest Android Apps which Google permits to upload to its App Store, which allows all mobile users to download android mobile from Play Store.

On the Google Play Store, you can find games, live wallpapers, launchers and thousands of free apps for Android mobiles. But do you know how to make them?

Two methods are used to create Mobile Apk. The first is free mobile apps which are made from the website of making "free apk" and the second is to get the app made by the Android Studio Manager developer.

Depends on you, how to make android apps? If you want, you can also create a free mobile application, if you want, you can also make Paid Android Apk. Let's first know how to make Free Mobile Apk.

How to make Free Android Apps?

Many bloggers first think, what will be the way to make an app? To make any free Android Apps the, below-mentioned best Apk builder is used.

In these, you do not need any kind of Coding Skills used in Android Studio Manager. The way to create the below given Android app is to create a mobile application without the help of Android Studio.

You can easily create a Free Android Application within a few minutes. Now let us know which are the best 5 free Android APK Builder.

Best free Android APK  Builders

There are many such platforms available through which Android mobile applications are made for free, but one thing must be kept in mind to check what is the detriment of free.

Why did I say like this? What is the secret behind this? Nothing, just I aim to save your income. Because making an apk from the given below Android application builder, you have to share your income. Let us now know how to convert a website into a mobile application for free.


With the help of AppsGeyser, many beginners make Bloggers Free Android Apps. Because no coding of any kind is required in this. Both Free and Premium plans are available in AppsGeyser Free Apk Builder.


You can use whichever method you like and download Android Apps Free. If you use Free Plan, then AppsGeyser shows some ads in your free

AppsGeyser Features – 

  1. Absolutely FREE.
  2. Above 70 app templates.
  3. fastest app builder.
  4. Transparent and clear revenue share.
  5. Simple Creation form.
The above method is the easiest way for you to make Android mobile application without spending money.


Any blogger or businessman can create free Android Apps using App.Yet. To create a free website application, you do not need any programming knowledge of any kind.


It will take only a few minutes to make your first Free App. All you need to do is provide those RSS/Atom Feed or your website URL. AppYet itself makes Android Applications of Automatic Free Android Apps, apk games.

App.Yet Features – 

  1. Simple to Use.
  2. Straight-Forward Looks and Functions.
  3. The App Created.
  4. Support RSS/Atom.
  5. HTML5, Podcast, YouTube, TapaTalk Forum, Twitter.
App.Yet is an easy to use, fastest performance and great looking apk creating platform.


You must have heard the name of AppyPie. By AppyPie, you can create a free mobile application of your website using Free Android Builders.


Just go through 3 steps and your mobile app will be ready. Let us now know what are the features of AppyPie Apps Builders.

 AppyPie Features – 

  1. No Coding Knowledge Required.
  2. Create Android & iPhone Apps.
  3. Instant Massaging App Builder.
  4. Free & Paid Application Services.
  5. Fastest Apps Builder.
The name of AppyPie comes in third place to make a free Android app. Some of its best features keep it separate from other apk builders.

iBuildapp Adp Self Service offers to make many types of free mobile applications.


In this, you can create free Android Apps for Education, Mobile Commerce, Online Shopping, Fitness Club, WordPress Website.

iBuildapp Features –

  1. iBuildapp Free Mobile Apk Builder.
  2. No HTML, Java Coding Knowledge Required.
  3. Crate Costume Features.
  4. 100+ Apk Themes.
You must have heard the name of iBuildapp quite a bit because it is not even an Indian company. But what free work is native and what is foreign.


With the help of GoodBarber Apk Builder, you can create Professional Free Android Apps, but keep in mind that you will be given only 30 days of Free Trial.


If you can spend more than 20 $ per month on your website Android application, then you should use it.

GoodBarber Features – 

  1. 30 Days Trial Basis.
  2. Fastest Application Builders.
  3. No Coding Required.
Good barber has been kept at the lowest position because it offers no income sharing but limitations as trial.

How to make money by making apps

If you want to make a game then it is very important to have some coding knowledge. If you have your own website, then you can make free Android Apps from the above methods.

The best way I would say you Android Studio Manager because with its help you can create very beautiful and professional Game Apps. Growing Smartphone customers around the world now move forward only by resorting to Android App download.


One thing you must know is that in every Free Apk, the Mobile Application Builder given above shows more of its own ads because there are some Disadvantages of everything.

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