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How to Make a Drone with Camera


Here you will learn in a simple language how to make a drone with camera...

As technology grows, our work is also becoming easier. We are developing new technology to make our tasks easier. In the past, we used to spend hours on hours to do a thing, now with the help of technology we can do that in minutes. Today I'm going to talk about an invention called a drone. If you also want to know how to make a drone with camera, read this post from beginning to end, this post will help you a lot.

Time can be saved, so a different way of working is called technology. Similarly, the technology of drone-aircraft is increasing, which is also being liked by the people. Today drone technology is constantly evolving and large investors are bringing a more advanced drone to market every few months. If we talk about the most popular drone technology then UAV technology is the most discussed and the latest technology available. So let's find out what a drone is and how to make a drone with a camera.

What is a Drone?

It is a human-made technology that flies without a pilot. The drone can be controlled by a human from a mobile, computer or its remote. That is also known as air blower. This is useful in a situation where humans can't go. They are capable of long-term monitoring.

It would also not be wrong to call the drone camera as Flying Robot, which can fly. It comes in many sizes and functions. They are also used in military work and now they are being used in search work, rescue work, weather analysis. A drone with a camera is also used for photos videos to monitor anywhere.

When invented the drone?

The drone without the pilot was first built in Australia in 1866. It was a type of balloon that was designed to drop bombs from the air. They were then used in war or military work.
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Then in 1917, the first radio-controlled pilotless aeroplanes invented.

How does the drone works?

The drone made by a lightweight composite material which is very light and can reduce noise by absorbing vibration and can fly high. Drones use many technologies, such as GPS, laser and infrared cameras. The drones can be controlled remotely from the ground control system.

Price of a Drone

Talking about the price of drones, companies are selling many types of Drones. That's are made of different characteristics and all drones also have different prices depending on their characteristics. Apart from this, the price of drones also varies due to the company's brand and different types of technology. The lowest drone prices start at Rs 1500.

Talking about an average drone, it is available for 5 to 6 bucks. On the other hand, if you want a very good professional drone, you have to spend up to Rs 50,000 for this, very good professional camera drone can be found at this price.

How to make a Drone with Camera?

If you are want to make a Drone. So the methods of making drones are explained further. Let's know how to make drones; some stuff will be needed for this. Collect the materials to make the drone first. Then start making drones.


First of all, the frame has to be made. You can make or buy yourself. You can also use plastic, metal or wooden boards to make by yourself.


The propeller should be of steel and it would be better if you buy it from the market.


Use a brushless motor. It will not be too heavy and the flight will also be easy. Take only 4 motors for 4 petal drones and 8 for eight-petal drones.

Electronic Speed ​​Controller (ESC)

It controls the direction, speed of the motor. The ESC will be the same as the motor.


It will take a 3.5 mm 3 pin connector to connect ESC and Motors and a 4.5 MM connector for the main power distribution board.


The voltage of the battery you are using must match the voltage of the drone motor.

RC Receiver

Now a remote with a transmitter will be required.


A good camera will be needed to take great photos and videos while flying the drone.
This was the stuff to make Drone, now know how to make a Drone with Camera.

How to make a Drone?

After all the stuff to make the drone has been collected, now we will know how to make a drone with a camera. Then follows the method of making a camera drone below carefully.

Design frame

Use a board 60 cm long and 25-30 mm thick to create a wooden frame. Cut it into 2 equal parts and prepare a rod of 4 equal lengths. Now two plates have to fit the rod, for which the hole is made. Now put down a plate. Put four rods on the "X Shape" on it and match the hole (hole) with the second plate and tighten them.

Assemble Motors

Make holes in the drone's frame according to the mounting holes of the motor. So, that all four motors can be mounted in four rods.

Mount ESC

Now mount the speed controller as well. Mount the ESC Device just below the frame of the drone.

Fit the landing gear

On completion of the flight, the Landing Gear Mount with the frame is necessary because of the drone does not come directly and hit the ground.

Flight Controller

With this, the speed and direction of the drone can be maintained. It has to be mounted with a drone. Mount it on the top of the frame.

Connect Flight Controller, ESC and Remote Control

See the connection of ESC and Flight Controller and connect it to the remote controller.

Test your drone

Check all connections thoroughly.

Start takeoff

Once again, check that all the battery connections are tight and the components are also properly mounted. Fly the drone over open space. Start it at low speed first and if it is flying properly then you can increase the speed.

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So friends, in this the way you can make drones and take very good photos, make videos and do all the work that is not possible for humans. So hope that you have got a good understanding of how to make a drone with a camera.
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