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The claim of humans landing on the moon was a lie?


The claim of humans landing on the moon was a lie? Did Neil Armstrong first step on the moon or was it a lie? Here you will find the answers to all these questions...

The claim of humans landing on the moon: There are 2 opinions of people, some people say that this is true, then some people say that this is a lie and so far no human has stepped on the moon. In this article, I will tell you about the fact that the man had landed on the moon or not? What is the truth and what is the lie, from which you will understand that no man has landed on the moon or not.

When the landing on the moon aired in 1969, it was watched by millions, but still, some people believe that no human has yet stepped on the moon.

Even according to the US Space Agency NASA report, there are only 5% of people in the US who believe that landing on the moon is a lie.

Although the number of such people is small, it does not take time for such rumours to fly and even today this thing has spread all over the world.

That is why today I will tell you about it by exposing whether this thing is a lie or a truth.

The full story of man's first step on the moon

On July 20, 1969, American astronaut Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon. He was the first person to land on the moon.

Neil was one of NASA's most capable astronauts, as his spacecraft orbited the moon's surface on July 20, so the thrill of thousands of people associated with this mission was full.

The success of the mission and the handling of the situation depended on Neil, the moon's fluctuating surface was in front of Neil and the fuel was less in his car.

But Neil took off the vehicle to the moon with great ease and brave, it was a huge leap for humanity. Then on 21 July 1969, Neil Armstrong made history by stepping on the moon.

The lunar lander landing on the moon carried 2 people, including Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. After Neil, he stepped on the moon.

Five more American expeditions were sent to the moon after that. Eugene Cernan was the last astronaut to go to the moon in 1972. No human has gone to the moon after them.

This year marks 50 years since humans first stepped on the moon. Now, after half a century, America has announced that it will send a human mission to the moon again.

President Trump has signed the mission documents associated with it. But now the question is, why didn't America or any other country sent an astronaut to the moon for half a century?

Due to some such assumptions, people believe that in reality, America has never sent any person to the moon.

Actually, people do not just say that there is some reason for it which is as follows.

The claim of humans landing on the moon was a lie?

People argue that the US had missed a lunar mission in the 1960s because of its space technology program.

So NASA had pretended to land on the moon to join the space race against the USSR and to make itself bigger.

Stories began to question its authenticity since the return of Apollo 11 when Neil Armstrong stated that,

"This is a small step for humans, a big leap for mankind."

But these rumours and stories got to wind up when a book was published in 1976 named "We never went to the moon: America's Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle"

The book was written by journalist Bill Kessing, who worked at NASA's public relations department. This book mentions many such things and arguments, which seem to suggest that the person's claim of landing on the moon was false.

Some of the arguments mentioned in the book are as follows.

1. Waving flag on the moon without wind:

The book depicts a picture and it is reported that the American flag is seen waving on the surface of the moon. While there is no wind on the moon, how can this flag be hoisted in an airless environment?

NASA says that the flag of the flag was of L type and gravity on the moon is 4 times less than the Earth, so the flag was waving.

2. Sky without stars:

Another argument by people who consider human landing on the moon to be false is that the without starry sky is visible in the pictures, while there are millions of stars in the sky which can be seen from the moon.

NASA says that this is because the moon reflects sunlight, which makes the moon appear shining, it reduces the light of the stars of the sky.

3. False marks of feet:

Footprints seen on the moon are also considered fake and people say that due to moisture on the surface of the moon, such marks cannot be made, as shown in the picture.

Professor Mark Robinson of Arizona State University says that the moon is covered with clay rocks and dust particles so that such scars easily made by stepping on its surface.

4. Why there are no signs of landing on the moon:

The space shuttle makes a crater on the surface to send and land the spacecraft. But why did there not be a pit when the space shuttle landed on the moon?

NASA says that they built space shuttles in such a way that they put less emphasis on landing. Therefore, the space shuttle did not make a pit by landing on the moon.

5. Having more than one light source:

People say that by looking at the shadow of things in the photographs shown by NASA, it shows that there is more than one source of light. Whereas only the sun is the only source of light in our solar system.

NASA says that due to the fluctuating surface of the moon, the shadow of things is seen like this.

6. This light must have killed the astronauts:

The most famous rumour is that there is a belt of light around the Earth, so the astronauts must have died. This belt is known as the Van Allen radiation belt, which works to connect the air and magnetic power of the earth.

According to NASA, Apollo 11 had spent less than 2 hours in the Van Allen radiation belt, where the light reaches, only 5 minutes spent there.

7. Unexplained Objects:

When NASA's photo came in front of the world, the people saw a different thing in them. There is a reflection of something different in astronaut's hand band. This reflection is of something hanging from a wire.

There is no question of such a thing happening on the moon, so what can be the thing? Some people believe that it is the spotlight that occurs in a film studio, which is often hung above the film studio.

The answer was not easy, therefore NASA postponed this question by saying that the photo looks like due to poor quality.

8. Way to walk on the moon:

The gravity of the moon is less than the gravity of our earth. Therefore, they appear to be jumping when they walk there. But people believe that this scene is made with slow motion in the film studio, if you play this video 2x speed, it will be like walking on earth.

Nothing can be said about the truth, but yes, such a bouncing video can be made from Slow Motion Walking.

9. C Rock

There was a lot of controversy over this photo too, in which the C letter is clearly visible. Its size makes it easy to know that the moon is not there. People believe that such marking is found in the film studio.

10. Crosshair

In this mission, the cameras used to take photos during lunar reconnaissance orbiter spacecraft used the crosshair to focus the picture well. This is in all the photos but some crosshairs appear behind the things in the photo.

Because of this, many people believe that NASA has created new photos by putting things on top of the real photos of the moon, which looks like the original.

People have different opinions about this American mission, those who do not believe it has many reasons to be counted, on the other hand, NASA also has strong evidence.

Reality and Proof of Apollo 11 Mission

NASA recently shared some pictures related to Apollo landing, which shows that the moon was truly landed. Apart from the photos, NASA also has an Apollo landing website.

On which you will get full information about the Apollo mission. You can watch the full video of Apollo Landing. It is also reported that the flags placed by the 6 people who landed on the moon are still standing.

The information given on NASA's website rejects the above rumours and confirms that the first step on the moon was not to have Neil Armstrong.

But if the above-mentioned facts are true, then its reality will be known only when a person goes to the same place on the moon were American astronauts have landed.

But not so easy, the moon is not a house where it can easily be found where the American Lunar Orbiter has landed.

Well, whatever it is. It will be detected in the future and then the reality of America will be revealed.

One more thing, if the matter of stepping on the moon is false then why did the Soviet Union carry out a secret operation to send a man to the moon? Secondly, why didn't oppose this false mission?

Whereas Soviet Russia had both the thought and courage to do so. But Soviet Russia has not said a word against it. It can be understood from this that Neil Armstrong was indeed the first person to step on the moon.

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