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How to Remove Write Protection from Pen Drive or SD Card?


How to Remove Write Protection from Pen Drive or SD Card? Here you will find the way to remove write protection from pen drives and SD cards...

In today's time, everyone uses Hard Disk, Pendrive, SD Card to store their data, in which we can store all types of files and folders. But many times it happens that when we format these devices or delete the data, that data is neither deleted nor that device is formatted.

The main reason for this is Disk Write Protected, which causes us to misbehave or stop using the device, so I'll tell you how to fix Disk Write Protected Error. So that you can use Write Protected Pen drive.

How to remove Right Protection from PenDrive or SD card

If you want to fix Disk Write Protected Error Pen Drive and Disk Write Protected Error SD Card, you should follow these steps.

Step 1: Open System

First of all, you have to turn on your computer or laptop and connect your error Pendrive or SD Card in your system.

Step 2: Enter Regedit

Now you have to press the Windows Key and R Button simultaneously in your system, which will open the Run command, in that you have to write Regedit and click OK Button. After that, you will see two Option Yes and No. For Verified you have to click Yes.

Step 3: Select Options

Now you will have some computer files and folders open in front of you, in which you have to select a few options one after the other, like this:

Hkey_local_machine > system > current control set > control

Step 4: Storage Device & Write Protected

After clicking on Control, a lot of options will come, you have to click on Storage Device Policies, after that you will have Write Protected Option Show in front of you, you have to double click on it.

Step 5: Edit Value

Now a window will open in front of you, in which you get an option for value data, where 1 is written, you have to change it to 0 and click the OK button.

Step 6: Restart Your System

Now once you restart your system, you're done, now you won't get the error while formatting on your Pendrive or SD card, this way you can remove the error from your device.

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Hopefully, you can understand why Pendrive and SD card are not formatted, because disk writing is protected on Pendrive or SD card. You can fix your own or your friend's SD card or Pendrive the same way I said.
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