Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: Best for fitness, but a little bit expensive

The new Galaxy Watch Active 2019 boasts a slim and lightweight design, with IP68 water and dust resistance design, which runs on Tizen OS, and loaded with features...

Nowadays, when talking about premium smartwatches, Apple and Samsung's name comes first. Comparing Samsung Gear with Apple Watch is tough. It can be said that their prices are somewhat higher. However, Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Watch Active to eliminate the complaints of smartwatch users. This smartwatch is priced at Rs 19,990 in the Indian market. Although it may not be called low, it is a good option for users who cannot buy Samsung smartwatch due to high prices. But now the question is whether the price is a compromise with the quality and features, or will people gain the same trust and confidence in Samsung?  I have been using this smartwatch for about 22 days and this conclusion that came up is in front.


When a smartwatch stays on the wrist, the first look is on its look and design. Can say that the company has paid special attention to the look of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. In the first look, this smartwatch can catch people's eyes. Round shape Dial is given in the Galaxy Watch Active, which has a back and home button on the right side. At the top of the dial are a microphone and Atmospheric pressure sensor, while smartwatch has backwards heart rate sensor and magnetic charging pins. 20mm silicone strap is given with the watch.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is very interesting to watch but some people may complain about the dial, especially those who like bigger and heavier dials. About 22 days of use, complaints about the colour of the straps found on the watch and its level of landing have been reported. Overall, the Galaxy Watch Active is interesting to watch but I was hoping for a better one.

Yes, if you prefer a device with a small dial, it will be a great choice. Especially for girls, it will be the perfect device. The dimension of Galaxy Watch Active is 39.5 x 39.5 x 10.5mm and the weight is 25 grams.


The display of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is great and it has a super AMOLED display panel similar to the smartphone. It has a screen of 2.81 cm, ie 1.1-inch 360 x 360-pixel resolution. Good thing it can be said that its screen is coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. In this case, it can withstand light scratches. Also, the smartwatch is certified with an IP68 rating, which promises to prevent water and dust.


The display of the Galaxy Watch Active is great. The colour combinations, brightness and contrast of the display are extremely sharp. All colours are very clearly visible on the display and the text colour is very sharp. When using the Samsung Smartwatch I didn't see any issues with touch or lagging. The touch is very smooth. In Galaxy Watch Active, any image can be kept as wallpaper. This smartwatch also has the always-on display feature, just like Samsung's flagship phone.

Processors & Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active has a dual-core CPU with 1.15 GHz clock speed for processing, which works on the Xenos 9110 chipset. The smartwatch runs on Samsung's own Tizen 4.0 operating system. This smartwatch has 4 GB of internal storage with 768 MB of RAM, which is really enough for a SmartWatch. To use Galaxy Watch Active, you need to download the Samsung Galaxy Watch app in Android or iPhone, after that the phone will be able to sync with the watch.


During use, I have not seen any lag in the processing of Galaxy Watch Active. While the UI of Watch is user-friendly, the processing is also smoother. From the Touch Response to the App Open in Galaxy Watch Active, every kind of processing is fast. There is no problem of being lag or hanging during use. Even if the smartwatch settings menu scrolls fast, no glitches have been found.

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Connectivity & Features

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is equipped with Active Bluetooth 4.2, and the help of Bluetooth the smartwatch can be paired with a mobile phone. This pair can be attached easily after it's made. After connecting, the Galaxy Watch Active syncs contacts lists, messages, images and other applications. This smartwatch shows notifications of any third-party app with the app's icon that I felt impressive.
Bixby service is offered on Galaxy Watch Active, only your phone can be operated with voice commands. You can call or message without touching the phone. And this service is only available for android phones, this service does not work with iOS or iPhone, which is called a negative point. At the same time, music can be accessed on the phone with this smartwatch. External devices can be controlled from smartwatches even when the Galaxy Watch Active has no speakers.


Speaking of fitness features, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is Samsung's first wearable product, which can monitor blood pressure. However, for this service, you need to download the third-party app on the phone. Along with this, Samsung smartwatch has features like Exercise Tracking, Sleep Tracking, Stress Tracking and Heart Rate Sensing. Along with this, there are dozens of gym exercises and yoga workouts available for walking, hiking, swimming, etc. in Galaxy Watch Active to track workouts. I found the most expensive sports app. Whether you are playing table tennis or a soccer ball it will also tell you how many calories you burn. This is the first time we have seen such a feature in a smartwatch.

Power backup

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active has a 230 mAh battery for power backup. This smartwatch is equipped with wireless charging technology and the wireless charger will only be found in the box of Galaxy Watch Active. Once in full charge, this smartwatch easily spends a day in normal use while connected to Bluetooth and WiFi. When the battery is low on power, it can be used for more than 3 hours after the power-saving mode is turned on. It's also nice to see the smartwatch's smart features turn off in power-saving mode, but Galaxy Watch Active stays on for more than 8 hours and tells the time.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is Samsung's premium product. The look of the smartwatch is great to look at, but you may need to look at your wrist before purchasing it, and it fits your personality because it looks less sporty and more formal.

On the other hand, there are many features that you will love. If you are a fitness envelope and do a daily workout, swim, or other workouts, this smartwatch will have the ability to give you great features.

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Galaxy Watch Active is priced at Rs 19,990 in the Indian market. In terms of price, the features are quite good but there was little hope in the style. On the other hand, if you have been using Apple Watch till now then it is better but if you have Samsung Galaxy Gear or Galaxy Watch then this choice will be less.
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: Best for fitness, but a little bit expensive Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: Best for fitness, but a little bit expensive Reviewed by Kanu Ray on Thursday, August 01, 2019 Rating: 5

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