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Download Latest version Vigo video app- View and download video

Download here latest version Vigo video app, also find here light version Vigo video app. Vigo Video App is an app that lets you watch and upload videos...

Download Vigo video app: You may have questions like, how to download the Vigo video app? Why download this app? What's the benefit of using this app? Can I make money from this app? etc. You will get the answer to all the questions here, for this you just have to read this post at the end.

If you use the Internet on your phone, then of course you have watched videos or movies online and you must use YouTube for it. There are all kinds of videos available on YouTube and YouTube also pays for youtuber for those videos, so I'm going to tell you today about a similar app like YouTube, called Vigo video App. You can make money by uploading videos in this app.

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In this app you will find lots of videos such as fun, cartoon, dance, action etc and this app also makes some money for these videos. Here you can also make money by uploading videos. If you want to download latest version Vigo Video App and get information about this app. So, let's download Vigo Video App.

Download Vigo Video App?

If you want to make money by making videos, you need to download the Vigo Video App on your smartphone. You can download it by clicking on the Download button given below or you can download it by following the steps below.

Latest version Vigo Video App

Latest version Vigo Video App Lite

Vigo video app for Iphone

Vigo Video Down loader App

Step 1: Download the app

To download the Vigo video app, first open the Playstore on your smartphone and search "Vigo Video - Funny Short Video App" and then install this app.

Step 2: Open Application

Open the app, after opening, some pages will appear in front of you, you will have to skip them and return to the main page where you will see many videos.

Step 3: Click On Register

Now you can see a register / login button above, all you have to do is click on it. This will then open a page in front of you, where you will find some options for registering and logging in - phone number, email, facebook, instagram. You can register through any option and create an account or ID in your Vigo video app.

Step 4: Upload videos

The Vigo video app allows you to upload all types of videos, there is no category for this. To upload a video, you will see the camera icon on the home page, click on it, the camera will be turned on, then create a video and upload it or you can go to Library option to upload your own pre-made video.

What is Vigo video app?

Vigo Video App is an app that lets you watch different types of videos and you can create and upload your own videos here. In the Vigo video applications, you can upload videos from 15 to 30 seconds and here you will also get paid for your videos like YouTube. This app has a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play store and it reaches nearly 100 million users. Today it's a popular platform for it to be good and you can make money through it. In the future, it will become as popular as YouTube.

How to make money from Vigo video app?

Making money with the Vigo video app is quite easy, just have a little talent so you can make the best video. The more videos you create and upload, the more flames you will get, which you can convert to money. Once it's $1, you can transfer to your account via PayPal account or PayTm account. You will need to connect your PayPal or PayTm account to the Vigo video app.

Link PayPal And Paytm Account

To connect to Paytm or PayPal account with Vigo Video App, you must first click on the profile icon at the bottom right, then click on the Wallet option. Here you can see the Paytm and Paypal options below the blance. Here you can connect your Paytm or Paypal account with the Vigo video app. Then you can transfer the money deposited in the Vigo Video App through a PayPal or Paytm account.

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This is a great app where you can become famous by showing your talent and you can make some money on it as well. This application has been downloaded more than 100 million times. In the Vigo Video App, you will find lots of functions to create videos, so you can make great videos.

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