What is the IoT or Internet of Things? Why is needed and its past, present, future

All electronic devices connected directly to the Internet are called the Internet of Things or IoT...

We have heard the word IoT or Internet of Things many times, but many of us don't know what the matter is. So today, I will tell you what the Internet of Things really is, why and how we use it.

What is the Internet of Things or IoT?

All electronic devices connected directly to the Internet are called IoT or IoT devices. This means that if you connect any electronic device to the Internet, it will become an IoT device.

You may be reading this text now in front of a smartphone or computer. Your smartphone and computer are both IoT devices. You have a smartwatch on your Facebook, Twitter will show the notification and any email will actually show it. Then this smartwatch in your hand is also an IoT device.

CCTV cameras are installed in your home, office or store. You went on a trip for some reason or went to another city or country for leisure. Now if you want to monitor your home, office or shop through CCTV cameras, you need to connect the CCTV cameras of your home, office or shop to the Internet. The CCTV camera system will become an IoT system. So you can easily understand what IoT is, how we use it and how we benefit from it.

There are billions of electronic devices around the world that are directly connected to the Internet. IoT devices can be connected to any kind of Internet connection, whether wired or wireless. IoT devices can be of any size. Some devices are made specifically for small purposes. To perform those specific tasks, the sensors attached to the device work by collecting data according to the program that was previously set inside the device or the device used to collect data or exchange information using the Internet.

Many of us have heard of the smart home security system. Here we also know how the security system works. If a stranger wants to enter your home, they will alert you by a call or a notification on the smartphone you have. Let you know that someone in your room is trying to enter without your permission. Then you will take the necessary action.

The entire smart home security system is controlled by an Internet-based electronics device. And this smart home security system is an IoT device. Nowadays, there are many sensors installed inside the car. GPS systems are installed so that we can easily access strangers through the use of digital maps. This modern system inside the vehicle is also an IoT system.

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Type of IoT device

There are several different types of IoT devices. For example, some IoT devices just collect data. Some devices send the collected information elsewhere while some devices complete the task as instructed. In theory, IoT devices have no distinction, but they do vary depending on the type of work. Is small or large or is like carrying. But the task of all devices is to collect data and store data in cloud storage using the Internet. Retrieve data from cloud storage as needed.

Why IoT is needed?

By 2020, the total IoT device usage in the world will increase to 26 billion. And the business value of these 26 billion devices will rise to $19 trillion, which is a huge number. Therefore, it is a very profitable sector for the technology sector businessmen. This large number of smart IoT devices will have the highest use of handheld devices and smart home security systems. But why do ordinary users like us need it or how can we benefit from it? Look at the smartphone in your hand or the computer on your table to understand how our lives are involved with it. These are all IoT devices.

Smartphone usage is increasing day by day, and the use of other smart devices that are compatible with smartphones is also increasing. New smart devices are coming to the market every day. We are using them for some hobbies and some for our needs. Now you have begun to understand how we are increasing the use of IoT or smart devices for our daily life needs or security.

Smart devices are all around us. Let's look at a smartwatch that diagnoses a heartbeat, which we use to watch our normal heart function through a smartphone. For now, we use an Internet-connected CCTV camera. We use GPS tracking systems in the car to prevent theft. That's all we know. We use IoT devices for a variety of needs. And the use of IoT will be just as important to us as long as this is needed.

IoT startup history

In the 1980-90s ideas and research about the use of sensors and intelligent devices began. The study of the use of an electronic device was started by a network. Although the Internet was at the time a research project. That means the Internet has not yet become useful. Some small research work was in progress. Such as the Internet Vending Machine and RFID security system. All current technologies were the main reason for the research of the decade. All kinds of processor chips and ICs were much more expensive and under test. So they could not be easily used.

When the study of RFID was completed in the late '90s and its use was successful, IoT began. In 1999, MIT researcher Kevin Ashton first coined the term "Internet of Things." With his hand, the use of RFID expands. He expanded the use of sensors through the network, which he called the Internet of Things to all. The IoT idea comes from controlling the machine with a wireless connection.

Controlling the machine in one place, remotely controlled by another machine. The control system must be automatic. The machine will work without wires or wire connections without the help of any human. So that no human being has to be an operator. This system is called machine to machine. Its function was to control everything according to the program and to collect and submit information or to transmit that information using the network.

This machine-to-machine system subsequently introduced smart device controlled connectivity through the use of modern technology sensors and software. Which connects billions of people together into one network. This makes it possible to collect and store large amounts of information. Now this machine-to-machine system is connected to the Internet and uses software or program-based modern smart devices known as IoT.

The future of IoT

IoT is a big industry and usage is slowly increasing, with increasing business potential. All the technology companies in the world are now dependent on the business of IoT devices. Because its use is increasing exponentially every year. And what's not in the smart IoT device? Almost all types of electronics devices can now be connected to the Internet. From refrigerators to doors, the amount of smart devices used inside all accessories has increased the business of device manufacturers.

According to the Analyst, Gartner calculates, 8.4 billion IoT devices are used in 2017, up 31 per cent from 2016, and will increase to 20.4 billion by 2020. According to other research institutes, the amount is much higher. About 26 billion. According to IDC data, $772.5 billion of IoT devices are used worldwide in 2018. In 2020, that would amount to 1 trillion and in 2021 $1.1 trillion. As an IHS, IoT usage will increase at a rate of 12 per cent per year by 2030. That would amount to 125 billion devices.

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So that is what the future holds. As the value of commercially increases, so will the number of users. And where the number of users will increase, the potential of the sector is very high.

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