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How to increase Jio internet speed 2019?

Increase the speed of the Jio Internet by changing some settings...

It is not unreasonable that Jio has revolutionized India's telecom market. For this revolution, most of India's mobile customers have turned to Jio, turning away from other mobile companies. As a result, the number of subscribers of Jio mobile company is increasing steadily to get more benefits at a lower cost. However, in the current competitive market, like Jio others mobile companies have brought more benefits at a lower cost.

As the number of users of Jio continues to increase day by day, the only complaint among consumers is repeatedly, day by day Jio internet speed is decreasing! In this situation, the only question that comes to everyone's mind is how to increase Jio internet speed, is it possible to increase it?

Yes, it is possible to increase the speed of the Internet by up to five to six times if you have changed several settings on your phone. I have found this to be a benefit by experimenting with my own phone, I hope if you change several in your phone's settings you will also notice the change in internet speed.

So let's find out how to increase Jio internet speed 2009?

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How to increase Jio internet speed?

Before changing the settings, I downloaded an app from the Google Play Store to see how much speed the internet currently has. The name, 'Speed test by Ookla', you can download any other Internet speed testing app.
Before changing any of the settings we see that our mobile phone had internet speed in Jio connection, 0.80 Mbps download speed and 1.34 Mbps upload speed.
After changing the settings at the same location, the same mobile handset will have 9.73 Mbps download speed and 3.40 Mbps upload speed in just a few minutes. Although there is not so changes in the upload speed, but the download speed varies greatly. Significantly, this change in Internet speed can certainly vary from place to place.

To increase internet speed you must first go to the settings option on your mobile. Here you go to the Mobile Network (Samsung Phone) or Network & Internet options. There you will find various options like Mobile Data, Data Roaming, Access Point Name (APN). All you need to change is in this Access Point Name (APN) settings option. Don't worry, because if something goes wrong, you can reset without losing anything.

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To increase Jio Internet speed, so enter the Access Point Name (APN) option and change these settings according to the settings shown below.

Name – Jio 4g

APN – jionet

Proxy – not set

Port – not set

Username – not set

Password – not set

Server – not set

MMSC -not set

MMS proxy – not set

MMS port – not set

MCC – 405

MNC – 840

These will remain the same on almost everyone's phone. But this time, pay close attention.

1. Authentication type – PAP or CHAP

2. APN type – Default

3. APN protocol – IPv4/IPv6

4. APN Roaming Protocol – IPv4/IPv6

5. Bearer – LTE

6. Restart phone

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No need to do anything else. Wait a few minutes after the phone is turned on, hopefully, you will find success. However, there is no hope for internet speed changes if these settings are in accordance with the aforementioned information.

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Internet speed after change settings
Internet speed after change settings


Hope you like this post 'how to increase Jio internet speed?' After examining the whole matter, I am writing this post. If the Internet speed is up after changing these settings, comment and share with your friends and on social media.

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